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  • SBC Meeting Summary, Wednesday

    Today was the second and last day of the 2022 SBC Annual Mtg in Anaheim, CA. As soon as I find an electronic copy of the Book of Reports, I will send it out through another email.

    If you have any questions or concerns about the Annual Mtg, please do not hesitate to contact me.

    Wednesday Bulletin

    After opening with a time of worship, messengers and guests were led in prayer before the annual sermon from Juan Sanchez.

    Annual SermonJuan Sanches, pastor at High Point Baptist Church in Austin, Texas
    Text for Sermon, Ephesians 4:11-16
    A healthy church is built on the Word of God that we might look like the Son of God for the glory of God.

    1) Foundation of Word Ministry (verses 11 & 12)
    The foundation of the church is built on the confession of Christ by the Apostles, evangelists (gospel spreaders), pastors and teachers. To assure this foundation, the Word of God must be central in corporate worship. Modeling how to understand the Word of God, the preacher must teach those listening how to read the Bible for themselves.

    2) Goal of Ministry (verses 13 & 14)
    The aim of the foundation of Word ministry is that we would all look like Jesus. If we are not growing in the Word, we must ask why. If we are not growing in the image of Christ, we must ask why. Are we utilizing God-given trellises to help Christians grow: family, corporate worship, small groups, Sunday School, etc.?

    3) The Practice of Word Ministry (verse 15)
    We are to speak gospel truth in love to each other. Preachers preach, the congregation receives and then reverberates the Word in discipleship conversations, Eph. 4:25.  

    1st Vice President Election
    8123 Messengers, 3413 Voting, 17 Ballots Disallowed
    Brad Eubanks, 1685 votes = 49.37%
    Vitor Chayasirisobhon, 1711 votes = 50.13% WINNER

    Executive Committee Recommendations
    Pgs 38-43 of the Book of Reports
    All four recommendations passed.

    Presentation of UnifyProject

    2nd Vice President Election
    8127 Messengers Registered, 3758 Votes, 10 Disallowed Ballots
    Alex Sands, 1689 votes = 44.94%
    Ryan Fullerton, 1029 votes = 27.38%
    Rudolfo Diaz-Pons, 1030 votes = 27.41%

    8123 Messengers Registered, 3552 voting, 5 Disallowed Ballots
    Sands, 2121 votes = 40.15% WINNER
    Diaz-Pons, 1426 votes = 40.15%

    Seminary Reports
    Official Reports in Book of Reports

    Previously Scheduled Business
    A motion was made on Tuesday to abolish the ERLC with a vote to be held at the 2022 convention. If passed, a second vote to take place at the 2023 convention.
    Motion Failed

    Time of Worship

    Report on motions made from the floor
    7 motions referred to committees and entities
    11 motions considered out of order

    Todd Unziker nominated for Annual Message at 2023 Mtg
    Jim Shaddix nominated as alternate preacher
    James Cheesman nominated as worship leader.
    All nominations approved.

    Committee on Resolutions
    Resolutions 5, 6, 7, 8, & 9 (pages 21-23 of Wednesday's Bulleting) were approved by messengers.

    Stand for Life Presentation 

    ERLC Report

    Lifeway Report
    Lifeway is continuing to restructure with the goal of global impact. It desires to utilize believers from around the world to produce Kingdom resources.

    Presentation of Elected Officers

    Passing of Gavel

    Closing Prayer

  • SBC Meeting Summary, Tuesday

    It has been a long day at the SBC meeting in Anaheim. I hope to condense six pages of notes into a brief summary to let you know what occurred today. As different outlets produce stories on today's proceedings, I know many questions will arise. Even as I sat in the meeting, social media posts already misrepresented statements and events. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.  

    I will send out comments on the proceedings when I return home.

    The morning began with an attitude of confession and repentance, reading from Psalm 51. After a time of worship, the messengers received brief instructions on the order of business. By selecting the links below, you can access the two documents the messengers received:

    Tuesday's Bulletin


    Here is a summary of the presented reports & decisions:

    Guidestone Report
    They desire to serve pastors well by helping them finish well. A primary focus is the Mission Dignity program which serves retired ministers. Through this program, 2,500 homes currently receive monthly stipends to offset living expenses. The majority of recipients are widows. This ministry is funded through private donations.

    NAMB Crossover Report (Pre-Conference Evangelism Event)
    572 volunteers served 2400 kids and families. They had 547 professions of faith.

    IMB Sending Celebration
    52 missionaries were sent out to the nations during this time. 

    23 motions were made in the morning session by the messengers. Of these motions, only one will come to the floor for a vote - to abolish the ERLC. Other motions were sent to their respective institutions or committees for consideration.

    Credentials Committee Report
    Their report was on the issue of Saddleback Church ordaining women to serve as pastors. You can read their recommendation on page 3 of the Tuesday Bulletin. After responses from the floor and a vote to amend the recommendation, the Committee withdrew their recommendation. The issue with Saddleback was not resolved and will remain with the Credentials Committee. 

    Resolutions 1 through 4 on pages 4 & 5 of the Tuesday bulletin passed. 

    The Sexual Abuse Taskforce
    The recommendations on pages 18 & 19 of the Tuesday bulletin passed.

    Election of President
    Initial Vote, 8095 registered messengers with 6847 voting.
    Bart Barber, 3258 votes = 47.58%
    Tom Ascol, 2332 votes = 34.06%
    Frank Cox, 887 votes = 12.95%
    Robin Hidway, 320 votes = 4.97%
    30 disallowed votes

    Runoff, 8098 Registered with 5587 voting.
    Bart Barber, 3047 votes = 60.87%, WINNER
    Tom Ascol, 2172 votes = 38.88%

    The Committee on Committees Report
    Page 20 of Tues. Bulletin, passed.

    The Committee on Nominations Report
    Page 21 of Tues Bulletin, passed.

    The Interim President and CEO of the Executive Committee confessed the wall of trust with entities was damaged and needed rebuilding.

    Election of the Recording Secretary
    8095 Registered Messengers, 5313 votes cast, 11 Disallowed
    David Roach, 741 votes = 12.95%
    Nathan Finn, 2727 votes = 51.31% WINNER
    Javier Chavez, 1836 votes = 34.54%

    13 or 14 new motions were made.

    NAMB Report  
    $66.5 Million received through Annie Armstrong Offering = 22% growth since 2010.
    3 New Send Relief Centers bring the total to 19.
    9400 churches planted since 2010
    3720 Chaplains

    WMU Report
    Seen on page 164 of Book of reports.
    They will begin focusing on mental health this fall through Bible-based gospel conversations.

    IMB Report
    3650 Missionaries Supported (plus their 2852 kids)
    592,408 People Reached
    176,795 People Came to Faith
    107,01 People Baptized
    93 New People Groups and PLaces Engaged
    22,744 Churches Planted
    $177.6 Millon Given through Lottie Moon Offering
    1000 Missionaries are currently in the pipeline to be sent out.

    Registration Secretary Election
    Don Currence elected. No other nominations.

    The meeting was dismissed with prayer.
  • Pulpit Supply List

    EBA is updating the Pulpit Supply List.  If you would like to minister to our churches through preaching when needed, please fill out the statement of faith and mail it to the EBA office with a written recommendation from your pastor.

    Click HERE to access the EBA Pulpit Supply Statement of Faith.

  • Equipment Available

    Equipment available to EBA churches for outreach and activities:
    2 Popcorn Machines
    2 Snow Cone Machines
    1 Projector
    1 Cotton Candy Machine
    1 Sound System

    Funding available for churches that would like to rent a bounce house.

  • New Round of Seminary Extension

    Starts Sunday, June 26th @ 3PM, Oak Ridge Baptist Church.

    How to Understand the Bible

    An introduction to the doctrinal, historical, and literary nature of the Bible and other general questions involved in reading the Bible with understanding. The course also deals with the authority, purpose, and message of the Bible; the history reflected in the Old Testament; and principles of biblical interpretation.

    Textbook: 40 Questions About Interpreting the Bible, Robert L. Plummer, ISBN: 978-0-8254-3498-3

    Course Cost for Students with books --$190.99
    Course Cost for Students without books --$169.00

    Contact Chas by Monday June 20th to register.

    If you would like to sponsor a student, please contact Chas.

  • Upcoming Events

    Dates to Remember

    June 26: Seminary Extension Class, 3 PM @ Oak Ridge Baptist Church.

                   "How to understand the Bible"
    June 28: Minor Prophets Bible Study, 6 PM @ EBA Office
                   Join pastors and lay leaders as we study one minor
                   prophet a month: Amos.
                   Refreshments provided.

    July 31-Aug 3: Annual Bible Conference, @ Cross Creek Cowboy Church
    Aug 4: Leadership Team & Guidance Committee Mtg., 10:00 AM @ EBA

    Aug 13: EQUIP Conference, 8:45 am - 3:00 pm @ SWBTS
    Sept 1: Leadership Team & Guidance Committee Mtg., 10:00 AM @ EBA

    Oct. 1: EBA Annual Mtg, 8:30 @ FBC Atlanta

    Oct. 6: Leadership Team & Guidance Committee Mtg., 10 AM @ EBA Office

    Oct. 6: Lakeview Senior Adult Rally

    Nov. 10: Leadership Team & Guidance Committee Mtg., 10 AM @ EBA Office

    Nov. 13-15: BGCT Annual Mtg, Waco Convention Center

    Nov. 14-15: SBTC Annual Mtg, Corpus Christi

    Nov. 17: EBA Senior Adult Rally, 10 AM @ TBD

    Nov. 22: January Bible Study Training w/ Dr. Mike Smith, 9 AM @ New Colony Baptist Church

    Dec. 8: Leadership Team & Guidance Committee Mtg., 10 AM @ EBA Office


  • VBS Dates

    Center Hill: June 20-24, 6-9 PM
    Alamance: June 20-23, 6-8:30 pm, Registration June 11 @ 6 pm
    Pinecrest: June 27-29
    FBC Queen City: June 27-30
    Smyrna: June 27-July 1
    FBC Linden: July 11-15, 5:30 PM

    FBC Atlanta: July 24-27, 6-8 PM, K-6th

    FBC Avinger: July 30, 10 AM-3 PM, K-8th

  • Church Contact Information

    Millie Holmes, the secretary at Oak Ridge Baptist Church, is working to update all the contact information for the churches in our association.  There are a few churches that she has not been able to reach.  If you are a member of one of the churches below, or have contact information for someone in these churches, please contact her by phone at 903-835-3671 or 903-960-4486.  You can also email her at holmesmillie08@gmail.com.  Thank you for your help.
    Antioch Baptist Church
    Bethlehem Baptist Church
    Calvary Baptist Church, Hughes Springs
    Cass Baptist Church
    Greater Love Baptist Church
    Lanier Friendship Baptist Church
    Liberty Baptist Church
    Open Door Baptist Church
    Victory Baptist Church
  • Partnership Opportunities

    FBC Linden has tables and chairs available to lend for church outreach & activities.

    Summer Mission Projects - Are you looking for a local, summer mission project? Please contact Chas for ideas on how you can serve in our association.

    Douglasville Baptist Church is in need of a piano player for their morning service. If you, or someone in your church can help fill this ministry need, please let Chas know and he will connect you with Pastor Dan Griekspoor.

    Vacation Bible School - Does your church need help with VBS or other ministry projects this summer? There are churches in the EBA that would like to partner with you. Please contact Chas if you need help or resources.

    (Please let EBA know if there is a specific need in your church. We are here to serve one another.)

  • Pastorless Churches

    There are some churches within the association that is need of Pastors. If anyone has any recommended candidates, please contact Chas. All resumes will need to be submitted directly to the EBA office.

  • Ministry Center Need

    The ministry center is in need of volunteers to sort and wash clothing on Wednesday mornings. If you or a group from your church would be willing to help, please contact the EBA office. 

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